One Hundred Lessons of Solitude

People who do not know the ins and outs of a teacher’s life does not believe me, when I say that I used to be very lonely in my job. “How can you be lonely in a classroom full of children?” one would say. Or “we are all lonely”, another might comment. And while both of these are valid points, they don’t take away the feeling I had. Although your days as a teacher are filled with laughter, cries and bubbly chatter in your classroom, sometimes you feel like the loneliest person in the world.

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Culture Shock

Rainbow awards, house points, superheroes, ladders, reading records, guided reading groups, casting off and peeling off, phonics, SEN and ten other acronyms, new behaviour policy not to forget the national curriculum with fourteen subjects to be internalised. My head was spinning.

I thought I had some idea what to expect when I walked into the school on my first day in July, but in the weeks that followed I was reminded that a school in a different country with a different language and a different culture could still give a significant culture shock.

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